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NEIM Ketogenic Diet Promo for Summer 2018

From the desk of Dr. Jacqueline Yang, ND…

I’ve worked with many of my patients on weight loss, taking them through different dietary plans and cleanse programs.  I have been successful for most patients, but for some these don't work as well. In my search for ways to help my patients lose weight and be healthier, I have come across the “ketogenic,” or also known as the “keto-diet.”  My first thought was: “How is this different from the Atkin’s diet? How is this a healthy way to lose weight?” I had my reservations about the “keto-diet,” but this was mainly because I was seeing many people do it the wrong way.  I’ve come up with a 4 week weight loss program that takes people through a healthy ketogenic diet, doing this diet the right way, helping people to lose weight and to feel better in their bodies.  

Some benefits to this weight loss program can be:

Weight loss (average 5-15 pounds, depending on how much you need to lose)

Increase in energy

Increase in mental clarity and focus

Improvements in blood sugar and lipid/fat metabolism

Reduction in inflammation


This weight loss program will involve weekly check ins, body composition analysis before and after the program, and guidance on transitioning off the program towards your next health goal.  There are minimal supplements involved, but depending on your needs, I may recommend supplements to help you get through the program successfully.

I’m really excited to provide this program at NEIM and can’t wait to see how many people I can help with reaching their weight loss and health goals.  

If you are interested and want to see if you are a good candidate for this program, call our office to schedule a 15 minute complimentary consult with me.  I can go over your health goals and history and see if this will be a good fit for you.

If you had your gallbladder removed, have Type I Diabetes, or Type II Diabetes on insulin, this is not the right program for you.  You can still be a good candidate for other programs, so feel free to call and schedule a consult.

Our promo for this program will be offered until the end of October.  For non-insurance patients, we are offering this program at $199.  For insurance patients, visits will be billed to insurance.  Both non-insurance and insurance patients will receive a bottle of MCT oil to help them through the program.

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